"It's been a Long Time, I Shouldn't of Left You"

It's been a while since I posted anything.  I guess my hiatus is due to the fact that I was extremely upset over the most recent presidential election and the Democratic party in general.  And I mean, I guess my blog was getting too political anyway.  It's always been a little political, but it just got to be mostly politics and social issues, and I've decided to just step back from that.

One of my main issues was the fact that the Democratic party completely stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders, and served it on a silver platter to Hillary who f****** sucks.  Then on top of that Donald Trump actually wins the presidential election.  Philadelphia passed the drink tax and everyone's complaining, however no one signed the petition to prevent it from going through.  No one listened when we kept on saying, "It's not just for soda; your vitamin water, your Gatorade, your Arizona and your frappuccino will all be taxed.  It's not just a tax on drinks with sugar, they're also taxing drinks with sugar substitutes."  It was all so plain and clear and ignored by the very same people who are now complaining.  I have no conversation for these people in the grocery line, the corner store, or my family.  None.

So anyway, at the end of the day, I still did the adult thing.  I voted Democrat.  I signed the petition against the beverage tax.  I voted for Kenney back when he was running, and I recently signed the petition to get rid of beverage tax.  ...This is just all a bit much for me.

Now I have decided to just blog about my feelings.  I think it will help me with some of the tension I'm feeling.  I'm going to stop obsessing over politics and our government and law, because it will drive me insane if I don't.

Nita Michelle

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