What if ISIS offered Black Americans Acceptance and Land in exchange for their help in Fighting against a Government that has been against them for Centuries?

I was just wondering what it would take for America to actually take this thing seriously.

What has to happen for this country to stop the discrimination against black people?

What would it take for new laws to be made? 

What type of drastic event would have to happen for us to have justice? 

So this thought just crossed my mind. What if ISIS was like, "hey join us black people, and we'll accept you." 

I would NOT join them, because I'm a woman. 

But sometimes I just wonder if other countries see what's going on here. Do they care? Do they think we are right, or do they think we're wrong?

Don't worry America. Black people probably wouldn't join ISIS. Half of us believe its all a conspiracy, and some of us are too loyal to this country. The rest of us are women. We have no where to go, but this land that hates us.

Nita Michelle

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