US Police go on Killing Spree that results in Protests and Mass Shooting of Officers

After celebrating Independence Day and rejoicing over our many "freedoms," our country was once again saddened by the news of more citizens dying at the hands of police officers.

July 4th - Pedro Villanueva was murdered by Police in Fullerton when the California Highway Patrol opened fire shooting at him through his moving vehicle. Pedro was just 19 years old.

Anthony Nunez was also murdered by police on July 4th. San Jose police were responding to a call about a suicidale man with a gun, and somehow Anthony ended up dead. Police have refused to release any details of what lead up to the shooting, or the names of the officers involved. Nunez was only 18 years old.

July 5th - Alton Sterling lost his life after suffering a brutal attack by Baton Rouge police officers. Shocking video of the incident was released to the public and sparked outrage over the aggressive tactics used by the two cops. That outrage pursued when the police chief refused to make a public statement, or to allow an outside agency to investigate.

July 6th - Police shoot and kill Melissa Ventura when responding to a domestic abuse call at her home. It's being reported that when Ventura opened the door for deputies she immediately attacked them with a knife. The officers shot her. Both officers were unharmed and suffered no injuries. Melissa was a mother of three.

I woke up on July 7th to CNN airing a horrifying video that had been live streamed on Facebook the night before by Diamond "Lavish" Reynolds. Her fiance, Philando Castile, had been shot and lay dying in the seat next to her. Diamond went on Facebook Live to share what she was experiencing. One of the saddest parts of the video is when Diamond is in the back of the police car and starts screaming. You hear her four-year-old daughter who was there the whole time saying, "it's okay, I'm with you mommy."

These shootings sparked protests and gatherings nation wide. The Philando Castile case especially sparked media attention due to the fact that he was licensed to carry, had no criminal record and was beloved by many co-workers and children at the school where he worked.

The mix of extreme force being used in the Sterling & Castile cases, and the insensitive responses by law enforcement, (and assholes like Former Detective Harry Houck), caused Black Americans to become more and more angry. While many protested, or took to social media to discuss their hurt and distain, Micah Johnson chose to retaliate.

Emotions are still high.

More people were killed by police than the ones mentioned above. All images were obtained from

Nita Michelle

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