Stop Talking about Black on Black crime every time a Cop Shoots one of Us

People on Facebook are really getting on my nerves. I'm so sick of hearing black people talk about black on black crime everytime a cop shoots, or kills a black man. I'm sick of hearing people say that we don't speak up when blacks kill blacks, because it's not true. I don't know what they do in other places, but in Philly we do march and rally about black on black crime. There's always some nonprofit popping up hosting events for nonviolence, and "please don't shoot." If you live in Philly, and have never heard of Peace Week,  StopDontShoot events, or a Stop the Violence concert/rally; then you are out of touch. Do y'all remember the young bulls who used to march down the streets beating their drums when someone got shot? How about when Black Men United hosted a march right down Mifflin St when the little 4yr old girl got shot yrs back? (Those programs never have enough funding to stay a float). We do speak up for black lives when we kill each other. It doesn't hit the media, because they don't care. There are nonprofits and organizations that try to create youth programs, that rally and that host community day events. They aim to stop violence by influencing the youth. Problem is they don't always have the funding, or the volunteers to keep the programs running. SO if you feel so strongly about black on black crime, then get your black ass up, and go support the programs in the community that are trying to do something. Go buy some drums and donate them. See if the youth programs need funding for uniforms. Volunteer to tutor our children.

Blacks kill more blacks than police do. Whites kill more whites than police do. Latinos kill more latinos than police do. All that aside, the people who are hired to protect and serve us have no business killing, or shooting us. AND when they do, they need to be held accountable. They need to be prosecuted. They need to go to jail. When they do not, it is a monumental failure by our courts, and it breeds disdain toward our justice department as a whole. THAT is a problem.

If you do not understand that an injustice is being done here, then I really feel sorry for you.

Nita Michelle

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