Brown Skin, Blue Uniform

After the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile my father joked with me via text message. He sent a photo of himself in full uniform with the caption, "Figured I'd better go to work like this, so I don't get shot..." I replied, "Lol, yeah you should just drive around like that even on your off days. Safety first."

Later that day my sister sent me a text message saying a white guy yelled at her while stuck in traffic saying, "You f******* idiot! A black officer what kind of hypocrite shit is that?" I joked, "How did you manage to get race shamed by a white guy, lmao!"

Then, after the news of Dallas police officers being shot, my father told me he had to delete about a dozen people from his Facebook page due to racist comments, or images they were posting. Some were co-workers he's known for years.

We had two black men killed on camera due to police brutality. Then five police officers killed, and 6 others wounded, all within 72 hours.

Things are crazy right now, and the past few days have been difficult for black people who are in law enforcement. Let us not forget that no matter what color their uniform is, their skin is brown. Their job is difficult. So is the job of their white co-worker.

The black community is at a boiling point, but killing law enforcement is not the way. Start showing up at city council meetings. Join local committees. Vote people out of office. Vote in the local elections, not just for president. Killing cops is not going to change anything. We have to kill the system.

We must fight on a higher level.

Nita Michelle

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