Black People Saying they are tired of hearing #BlackLivesMatter -WTF kind of disloyal ish is that?

I saw this posted on Facebook the other day by a young black woman. It made me cringe. What was even worse, was the response left by a young black man. The girl deleted his comment and mine before I could screen shot it. His response was, that's just how it is now, because "first came the niggers, then came the drugs. Then the guns..." He said something after that, but this was enough to set me off.

Everything they said was misguided and sadly programmed into them to believe. Have these people never heard of the Willie Lynch letter and his plan to keep black people in slavery another 200 years?

It was NOT the niggers that came first. Unless the niggers are the white folks who stole us from our home land, brought us over here, put us into slavery, raped our men and women, and mutilated us. They built this country off of years of free labor, then released us into poverty with no reparations, while their children inherited assets that were obtained through the blood and sweat of OUR people. They built gettos and projects to keep us detained. They built the welfare system, so black women would think they don't need black men. It is structured for single women and part of a system designed to keep black fathers out of the home. Then, they intentionally flooded the streets of the gettos with drugs (remember Freeway Ricky Ross). This further destroyed the black home by stealing mothers from their babies, breaking their little hearts, and tearing down the black soul from the earliest stages of life. After all of that, they started the war on drugs. They began implementing the most strict, and biased drug policies of any country in the WORLD.

Yes, we are at war. We have been at war with this government for centuries. We have enough white people that are hating on our movement. We don't need our youth doing it too.

Black Lives Matter doesn't mean all lives don't matter. Black Lives Matter is a non-profit organization and a movement. It's not just a hashtag, or something to put on signs at rallies. It is an outcry to the government, and to law enforcement, that our lives matter too. We matter when being pulled over by police. We matter when being frisked. We matter. We're people. Yes, brown, yellow, red and white lives matter. Yes, all lives matter. But Officer, Agent, Detective, Official, Department of Justice, United States Government when will you treat us as if Black Lives Matter!

Black on black crime is not committed at a higher rate than white on white crime. Blacks are not out here doing the most killing. And we do speak up when blacks commit crimes against other blacks. We have had peace walks and protests right down our neighborhood streets over the deaths of black children. Every summer local officials host Stop the Violence rallies, or Stop Don't Shoot concerts. I don't know about other places, but in our city there is always some official, or non profit organization trying to find ways to reduce violence in the community. And there's always a big turn out from the community showing up to support those who support us. Our police also help with black on black crime. If Bashir murders Lamar, Bashir will be going to jail and his mom will feel like justice was served. But if Officer whoever shoots and kills Lamar he will get paid vacation and then return to work. That is not justice. That is wrong. That is the problem.

Nita Michelle

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