Philadelphia's Sugary Drink Tax that Includes Drinks with no Sugar

The City of Philadelphia and its officials have succeeded in passing a 1.5 cent per ounce tax on sugar and diet beverages. Meanwhile, the Commonwealth continues to have a lower minimum wage than all it's surrounding Northeastern states.

The list of beverages affected is astounding and includes Vitamin Water, Gatorade, Green Leaf Teas, and Everfresh Cranberry Juice. The majority of the money from this tax is not going to pre-k. The Mayor gained a lot of support for this tax by making it seem like it was for the children and education.

I swear, people just go for anything. We're really going to fight poverty by adding taxes that will mostly affect the poor and working class. This tax will help the poor in the same way the cigarette tax did. Meaning, it won't. 

Nita Michelle

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