Orlando Shooting: Just my thoughts

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It has been over a week since Omar Mateen entered Pulse night club and opened fire killing 49 people and injuring approximately 50 more. The week before that I was in Lacey, WA attending the wedding of my beautiful sister and her new bride. The Orlando shooting has been labeled the biggest mass shooting in American history. There are many things I could say about Omar Mateen, about gays, about the media's coverage of this matter, and about the government.  I thought about saying them.  However, after reflecting I have come to realize that those words are not important (at this time).  Whether the people in Pulse nightclub were straight or gay, black or white, purple or green; does not matter. What Mateen did was horrific, and tragic.

We don't really know if Omar was with ISIL, or if he was an extreme homophobe. We don't know if he did this because of religious beliefs. Reports of his character are conflicting. We can assume that like other mass shooters, he was mentally disturbed. But in the end we are left having to accept the fact that he committed an evil act, for no logical reason. Several people lost their lives, and there's nothing we can do about it.

My condolences go out to the families, partners and friends of the victims.

Nita Michelle

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