US is nothing more than a Modern day Sodom & Gomorrah

That article in my last post has me really pissed! I'm so sick of this crap.

This country is nothing more than a modern day Sodom & Gomorrah. They promote homosexuality, sex and adultery. I have nothing against anyone else's sexuality, but why do gays need so much attention and their own separate rights? Gays have so many rights now, that a gay man can fight a woman, and the woman will go to jail for hate crimes. True Philadelphia story. Okay fine, you win.

Now we have to legalize prostitution too? Oh, and we have to allow men to use the restroom with our daughters if they wear a fucking skirt. That is the dumbest bill ever. If you are truely transgender and you look like a woman, no one is going to question why you're in the women's bathroom anyway. I've seen this here. I've seen transgenders, or people I think are transgender in the women's restroom. They pee, wash their hands and check out their makeup. No one cares. So why do we need a law? We need a law to allow a man with a beard and skirt who is NOT really transgender to have a free pass into the women's restroom. Now I'm wrong for saying this; right?

Call me a religious freak if you want to.

People can be evil. Can we all stop pretending that everyone has good intentions? They don't. People want things to benefit them. They don't care what it does to anyone else.

Can we also stop pretending that there are no child predators out there? Because there are. There are a lot of them. Look at your State's sex offender registry. It's crazy.

I remember being a pretty little girl, and there are disgusting people out there, with bad intentions.

I don't care about gay marriage, or abortion. Those are people's personal choices. But don't create laws to benefit a small group of people, that could put others, particularly children, in harms way.

Nita Michelle

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