The Child's Role in the Family

What is a child's role?
What is a teenager's role?
What happens when a child has to take on too much of a parental role?
"Parentification is a role reversal between the parent and child. Typically, the child's needs are sacrificed to meet the parent's physical and emotional needs."
Parentification can have negative effects on children such as, anxiety, depression, psychological distress, shame, eating disorders, substance abuse, and suicide.

Household chores are one thing, but it is not a teenager's job to take on their parent's role. When things get to the point where your teenager cannot get his own job, or have his own social life, because he has to take care of his siblings; that is a problem.

Parents should make sure household and family tasks are divided equally among all parties of the family. Parents should take on the main task of being the caretaker of younger children. Older children should have household chores in addition to their homework. Children's main responsibility should be focusing on school work.

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Nita Michelle

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