Smith Playground Project Insensitive to Children Participating in Team Sports for 2016

Through his MTWB organization Connor Barwin (of the Phila. Eagles) has provided funding on a "groundbreaking project" to reconstruct the recreation center at Smith.  That's nice.  Mayor Nutter, Kenyatta Johnson, and Jordan Harris were all at the press release.

I think it's great that they're fixing up the old park.  However, "groundbreaking," I would not call it.  Everyone is buying and building in South Philly now that the gentrification process is in full effect.  They really care about the neighborhood and putting their name on things now.  If he had done it in 1996, then it would have been groundbreaking.

Why am I angry you may ask?

It's because these people are inconsiderate.  All they care about is their own agendas.  There are programs being run at the park right now, and the children have no where to use the bathroom, or wash their hands.  They have one disgusting portable toilet in front of the rec center.  This is how it looks:

Children from my daughters' cheerleading team, my sons' football team, and the tea-ball team all had to use this portable toilet, (or hold their pee).  This is absolutely ridiculous.  I wonder what they do when rec centers in affluent neighborhoods are being renovated?  What accommodations are made?

I have been bringing my children to this park since they were babies.  I remember when they took away the pool and created a spray ground.  I remember swings being put up and ripped down every summer until they stopped putting new ones up.  I am happy to see any improvement being done.  But damn, at least think about the children who use, (and have used), this playground and facility every summer; not just the new people who will use it.

Nita Michelle

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