Do NOT Tax our Drinks!!!

I'm sure everyone in Philly has already heard about the new grocery tax that the mayor wants to implement. The tax will be $0.03/ounce on sugary drinks. The tax will be placed on beverages including soda, juice drinks, and certain brands of tea. The tax will probably extend to diet soda, which actually has a sugar substitute in it. If so, then expect it to include some diet juices and diet teas as well.

It's bad enough that in Pennsylvania the minimum wage is only $7.25/hr. The only other place in our country where this specific tax is implemented is in Berkeley, CA. Minimum wage in CA is $10.00/hr. In Berkeley many residents travel to other cities to shop. In Philly, the people who will be most affected by this tax, don't have the means to travel to another city to shop.

This tax is ridiculous. Please visit: to learn more, and sign up to oppose the grocery tax. 

Nita Michelle

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