Chris Matthews Accused of being Sexist

Fox put out an article accussing Chris Matthews of being sexist, because of comments he made about Melania Trump. Apparently it's not the first time Matthews had made comments about women looking nice, or sexy. He's also made comments in the past about Sarah Palin and Erin Burnett.

I read the comments and I don't think Matthews is sexist. I think he's a man, who is attracted to women. Women make comments about men too. As a country, are we going to really start condemning men for being attracted to women? That's stupid. Sometimes it seems like while everyone else is fighting for their rights, men are getting pummeled. I thought the point was for women to be equal, not above, men. I thought we all wanted equal rights. Women make comments about men being sexy, or attractive all the time, and nobody cares.

 Source: Chris Matthews caught on camera commenting on Melania Trump's 'runway walk'

Nita Michelle

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