Upper Darby: Students Dress as KKK, District Apoligizes months after the Ordeal

As part of a history assignment, Upper Darby High School students dressed up as the Ku Klux Klan and posed for photos. Then posted them online, because apparently, both the students and teacher thought it was the right thing to do.  Now the district is apoligizing for the incident, which happened last year. Superintendent Richard Dunlap wrote:

"A project was assigned in an Upper Darby High School history class with the intention of illustrating the historical impact of the 1920s. ... There were skits associated with this project, and a photo of a skit intended to identify and highlight the atrocities of the Ku Klux Klan circulated on social media. ... The photo has offended many in the community, and the Upper Darby School District is deeply sorry for this. Though there was no intention to harm or offend anyone, we recognize that the project was in poor judgment and an inappropriate activity." 

A Philadelphia school teacher, Christy Kenney-Quinn, spoke out about the incident:

"I think that's an inappropriate assignment. I don't think that we need to dress like the KKK to talk about the historical time period." 

I agree. I also have a hard time understanding why photos were taken to commemorate the day students got to dress up like the KKK, and why those photos were shared on social media as if it was something to be proud of.

Administrators, teachers and staff are now undergoing diversity training and the school will be working with students about this issue.

What many people don't realize about the great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is that in all it's historical glory, there lies a history of hate and KKK brotherhood. The Traditionalist American Knights are very strong here. Its not a secret. The KKK has long been in PA, and they are not going anywhere. In fact, with racism becoming more and more of an issue these days, I expect to see more blatant acts from the KKK in the near future.

Nita Michelle

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