Striking Images from Trump Protests

Images from Trump protests. I made up titles and then linked the caption to the source to give credit. This is not just Chicago this is all over. Americans of all races, religions, ages and genders are protesting against Trump. Now, that's unity!

No Hate at the Debate

Stop Trump, shut down White Supremacy

Just Say no to Bigots

Say No to Trump

Man with Torn Trump Sign

We are Not Rapists

Donald Trump is a Racist!

Muslims Unite Against Trump

Let's Dump Trump

Liberation not Deportation

Undocumented Unafraid

Hate has No Home Here!

#DumpTrump - Humanity has no Borders

Build a Wall around Trump and I'll pay fot it!

Trump wants to make America Hate Again

No to Facist - Trump

ISIS Doesn't Represent Me

Stop Blaming Latinos

Diversity Made America

Nita Michelle

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