Sanders is not Wrong about Sandy Hook Parent's lawsuit against Gun Manufacturer

Saw this article on The Washington Post. You can access it by clicking the image. 

It is sad that people lost their children in the Sandy Hook shooting, but I have to disagree with the parents who wrote this article.

Sanders is right in his answer to the question that was asked at the debate. Holding the manufacturer accountable for a crime that someone commits with their product is creating bad case law. 

What will happen next? People will have that case as a point of reference to gain legal victories in all kinds of ridiculous cases.

This is equivalent to holding an automobile manufacturer accountable for someone getting into a mutli vehicle car crash while drunk, and killing several people. Look at the similarities; both cases have a person who is not in their right frame of mind commiting a crime that results in multiple deaths. Both would be suing the manufacturer of the product used to cause the damage. This is not right. The person commiting the crime is responsible, not the manufacturer. The lawsuit makes no sense. 

It doesn't matter how the product is marketed either. Alcohol companies advertise by promoting partying and sex. But if a girl gets gang raped while everyone's drunk we don't sue the alcohol manufacturer.

The mass shootings that happen around this country are traggic and sad. However, I have to disagree with the Washington Post article.

Nita Michelle

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