Rusty and Summer Page: the most Dramatically Selfish Foster Parents in the ENTIRE World!

These foster parents knew Lexi was only placed with them temporarily. They were supposed to return her 3 - 4 years ago. They have three children of their own and want to deny this little girl's family the right to have her.

I guess they've never heard of the Judgement of Solomon. They are clearly the party who would cut the baby in half when it's not what's best for the baby.

They're probably just mad, because their monthly government check is going to be cut off.

They staged a whole big old dramatic scene outside and people are actually feeding into this BS.

They need to be at home taking care of their real children, instead of doing interviews trying to make Native Americans look bad. They should be with their children, being a support system for them. BUT NO they want to be on TV.

Do not feel sorry for these assholes. Feel sorry for the millions of foster children ripped away from their families who never know their roots. 

Nita Michelle

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