North Korea Sentences Otto Warmbier to 15 yrs in Prison

North Korea has sentenced Otto Warmbier to 15 years in prison with hard labor for crimes against the state.

Otto Warmbier is the American student who was visiting the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and stole a propaganda banner from the "staff only" section of the hotel he was staying at. The University of Virginia student was visiting North Korea with the Young Pioneers Tour group. The rest of his group has returned safely. 

Warmbier confessed to the crime a few weeks ago.
“I made the worst mistake of my life,” he said. 
Today he broke down crying.

The 15 year sentence seems way too harsh. North Korea is trying very hard to get attention from the USA.

The White House has also called on North Korea to release Warmbier immediately, urging the country to grant him special amnesty.

Nita Michelle

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