Blumberg Housing Projects soon to be Demolished

In accordance with the PHA's massive takeover of the Sharswood neighborhood, two of the Norman Blumberg Apartment high-rises will be demolished on Saturday, March 19 at 7:15 A.M.

Residents are being warned in a radio commercial that they need to be out by 5 A.M.

Construction has already started across the street from the high-rises. Residents were told the same thing as residents of other housing projects. When the Tasker Homes and 13th Street projects were taken over people were told they would have the right to return to the neighborhood once the development was complete. However, most could not afford to move back, since they were living in low income housing.

As part of PHA's $500 million Sharswood neighborhood redevelopment plan the PHA seized 1,330 properties. The low-income high-rises will be replaced with 1,200 units of majority affordable rentals. In addition to Blumberg, about 500 city owned properties and 800 privately owned properties were seized. The privately owned properties were taken by imminent domain. Supposedly, two-thirds of the newly developed homes will be affordable housing.

In a Facebook group called, "Blumberg Projects 4Life!" residents share their photos, memories and thoughts.

Gentrification is mean. #SPforLife!

Nita Michelle

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