3 Teens Arrested in South Philly Robbery of Cab Driver

Kierston Carroll (left), Syheed Wilson (center) and Michael Jones (right), all 19 years old, have been arrested for allegedly shooting a cab driver in South Philly. This happened on the 2800 block of Tasker Street.

According to police, both males held the cabbie at gun point in an attempt to rob him, but the cab driver pulled off and ended up crashing on 24th and Morris.28th street goes North. The cab driver would have had to go one block South to get to Morris and then drive 4 blocks to get to 24th street. Sooo, altogether he drove 5 blocks while two guns were pointed at him, ...and both guns were fired? That sounds stupid on the part of the cab driver and the robbers.

The cab driver could be dead right now. Over some money. Thank God he survived, but it probably would have been safer to just give up the money. The teenagers just messed up their future doing something stupid. I wonder if jail ever crossed their minds while they were doing this. If it did, the next thought should have been, "we shouldn't do this." The amount of money you might score from robbing a cab driver at gun point, is not worth the felony conviction you'll get for doing it. If you're going to get arrested for conspiracy and armed robbery, at least make it big.

Nita Michelle

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