Hillary wins Nevada, Trump takes South Carolina and Jeb Suspends Campaign

Hillary Clinton has won the Nevada caucus. If Trump is the Republican nominee, Hillary will not be able to stop him. A lot of people don't want another Clinton in office. Unless she can recreate herself and not look like the face of politics as asual, I don't see her beating Trump. Her being a woman is not enough. She needs fresh ideas and talk of change. Her husband and Obama will not get her the white house.

Donald Trump won South Carolina. Rubio was 2nd and Cruz 3rd. Cruz gave a victory speech as if he won 1st place, while Rubio priased Jeb Bush in an effort to later win his endorsement. (That's what I took from it anyway). I cannot understand why these three individuals are the top Republican candidates. A prejudiced prick, a liar and a little boy playing pretend. Rubio doesn't even do his current job. He's missed key votes in the Senate, most recently in December 2015. I believe someone has a special interest in Rubio. If he becomes president America will have another Bush/Cheney situation going on. We won't know who Rubio's Cheney is until its too late.

Jeb Bush dropped out. I think he should endorse Kasich. Ben Carson needs to drop out to free up those votes. Kasich could use them.

Nita Michelle

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