Hillary Clinton milking the Flint Water Crisis Strategy to gain Political Momentum

In an effort to bring awareness to the crisis, Hillary Clinton is supposedly taking a break from the campaign trail to visit Flint, Michigan.

Taking a break? Seriously?

No. Hillary is traveling to Flint, Michigan in an effort to make low income people think she cares about them, and gain the black vote. She's not taking a break from campaigning. This is a political strategy.

I'm not saying it's a bad strategy, but don't tell people you're taking a break when you're not. If she wants people to think she's genuine, then perhaps she should start trying to be genuine. Don't try pulling wool over our eyes.

Hillary Clinton has visited Flint, Michigan on other occasions. She also discussed her outrage about the fact that more isn't being done, at the debate. She has successfully gotten an upcoming Democratic Debate to be held in Flint. The mayor in Flint, Michigan has endorsed her. I applaud her efforts in bringing awareness to the water crisis. However, I believe this trip is a political ploy. I don't really see what else she can do for Flint, besides donate money, that would require her to take a break from campaigning in New Hampshire.

Nita Michelle

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