City Councilman Corey Sanders Disbarred - An example of American Classism

Corey Sanders, who was newly elected to the McKeesport, city council has been removed from office because of a 1993 felony drug conviction that he pleaded no contest to. The charges were for selling crack cocaine and Sanders was sentenced to six to 15 years in prison. Sanders served 4 years in prison, and has since become a productive member of society.

Now 45 years old, Corey Sanders lives in McKeesport. He has a wife, has raised four children, owns a barbershop, and is a Deacon at a church in Pittsburg. Sanders has alreadly petitioned the Governor for a pardon, and his attorney could be working to try to have it expedited.

Corey Sanders' story is just another example of classism in the USA. Many people don't realize that America has a class system. For so many years people have called this the place of freedom. The exaggerated idea of the "American Dream," over shadows the truth of our society. Yes, people have dreams, and yes, people can achieve them. Yes, there are many amazing rags to riches stories amongst our citizens. However, there is also entire groups of citizens that are affected by classism in today's America. Those groups would include; African American males, Felons, Mexican Americans, low-income families in urban and rural communities whose children are not entitled to a proper education, and small family farmers who can barely survive even with governemt subsidies.

Classism in America goes deeper than upper class, middle class and lower class. Being an upper class African American male with a felony, is a little better than being a lower class male of the same. However, American officials will be more than happy to knock your black, upper class ass down to where you belong, no matter how much money you make.

This is sad, because what option are you giving people when you tell them that although they served their time, stayed out of trouble, and have become an upstanding citizen, its still not good enough? If what you do when you're 22 is going to define you for the rest of your adult life, then why do anything else?

Nita Michelle

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