Students at Desert Vista High School spell out "NI**ER" with T-shirts

Students at Desert Vista High School were wearing shirts to spell out "BEST * YOU'VE * EVER * SEEN * CLASS * OF * 2016" for a senior class yearbook photo. Six students then went off on their own and used the shirts to spell out the word Nigger, using asterisks for the g's. 

A spokeswoman for the school district has said the girls will be disciplined according to district policies.

Arizona is the same state in which a law was passed allowing authorities to stop and verify anyone for looking like they might be in the country illegally. Basically giving police the freedom to harass Mexicans in an effort to arrest and/or deport them. Can you imagine your high school son walking home from school and police stopping him, because he looks like an illegal immigrant? Its probably just as scary as New York's stop and frisk laws, which police use to harass black males.

These 6 Suburban Phoenix students will probably get nothing but a warning. News channels are already blurring out their faces, in an effort to make their identity unknown. Or, in an effort to make them not accountable for their behavior. If those were black girls spelling out "Cracker" their faces would not be blurred. They posted the image on social media, because they wanted it to be seen. So let them be seen. 

Nita Michelle

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