Palin Endorses Trump and It's Gonna be Great!

Breaking news tonight on CNN as Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump. Trump first spoke to the crowd telling everyone how great it's all going to be while giving no details of how he plans to make it great. He ended by once again proclaiming that he's going to make Mexico pay for a wall to keep Mexicans out of the country.

Sarah Palin then came out screeching and spewing out miscellaneous words in that annoying little high pitched voice. I wondered for a while if she knew who Trump was running against. She kept talking about the current administration. My 10 year old said, "she's just saying anything," and walked off.

At times Trump didn't look too sure about her being up there himself. Her attempts to inspire the crowd with quirky one liners like, "Staus quo has got to go" and "It can't be savaged it has to be salvaged" just made her sound even more stupid. I think Trump made a bad decision with this one.

Of course, the commentators on Erin Burnett disagreed. They thought Sarah Palin gave a wonderful speech. They praised Palin for phrases such as, "we are mad, we been had." Really? She sounded like a child running for student body president of a public elementary school. 

Considering who Trump wants endorsing him, can you imagine who he would pick as vice president?

Nita Michelle

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