Black People: You Need to Get Guns Too

"Any unarmed people are slaves, or are subject to slavery at any given moment." ~ Heuy P. Newton

Why am I saying this?

Isn't there enough black on black crime?

Don't we have too much shooting in our neighborhoods already?

Yes, and yes. There are too many criminals with illegal guns running around our neighborhoods killing other black folks. There are too many black men in jail for foolishness. There are idiots in every community. There will always be people who break the law. But what if the people of the community who actually, legally qualify to obtain guns had them?

Between police shootings, mentally unstable white people going on shooting sprees, and terrorist attacks, why isn't Black America stock piling guns? White America's doing it. I urge black people to get guns, legally. Know your rights. Know the law. Get permits to carry. Do it before they change gun laws and take away more of our rights.

 ...and if you live in Philly, don't take your gun to NJ. Even if you have a permit to carry. NJ is one of those states that doesn't honor out-of-state permits. (Again, know the law).

This post is not meant to insight a race riot, or persuade crimes against police. I am strongly urging good black people to get guns for their own protection.

Nita Michelle

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