Mass Killer Shoots up a Clinic full of Women, Murders an Officer, and Still walks out without a Scratch - Because he's White.

Domestic terrorist, Robert Lewis Dear, attacked a Planned Parenthood clinic in Rocky Mountain, Colorado on 11/27/15. Dear engaged in a shootout with police that lasted hours. The outcome of his attack: 3 dead, including a university police officer; 11 wounded, including 5 police officers. Lewis eventually surrendered, and was escorted into police custody alive, and without a scratch. My question, why wasn't he shot in the back? Or any part of his body for that matter. Why wasn't he beat up?

The Planned Parenthood killer had an assault rifle, murdered people, and held hostages. Still, police did not find him threatening enough to deserve the same fate as Tamir Rice. Tamir Rice was a 12 year old black boy who was so threatening to police as he played alone with a toy gun, that they murdered him. With no questions asked. Dear wasn't even as threatening as Aida Guzman. Guzman is a Puerto Rican woman, who was punched in the face by Philadelphia police officer, Josey, for no reason at all.

What makes Robert Lewis Dear, armed with an assault rifle, less threatening than a 12 year old boy and a woman? The fact that he's white.

On November 27th, did police really do their job by awarding this man justice? The justice that allows him to stand in court and have a trial, which will determine what he deserves for his actions. The justice that he did not give to those he murdered. The justice that police have stolen from countless Blacks and Hispanics murdered at the hands of  overzealous officers everyday.

Among other white people on a list of white mass murders are Jared L. Loughner, James E. Holmes and Dylann Roof. All killed multiple people and all were taken away in handcuffs. None were taken to a morgue.
It's not that I want police to kill Dear, or anyone.

 It's that I want our people to have the same type of justice that they give white men. The SAME type of justice that is given to white men no matter how horrific their crimes are.

Nita Michelle

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