Voting Dilemma

I really thought Biden was going to run, and now I don't know who to vote for. I'm looking at everybody.

I still can't believe Donald Trump is running for President. It's just crazy. He's a good businessman, but he's not president material. He doesn't know what to say out of his mouth. He just says anything, No matter who it offends. Can you imagine him going to meet with leaders of other countries? It would be a disaster.

I like Chris Christie's even though he's a Republican. My only issue with him is that he's pro-life, and not pro-choice. I think Christie has said he's "pro-life with exceptions." That's not comforting enough to me.

Sometimes Republicans make sense. I'm really not a labels girl. I'm conservative on some issues, but then I'm really liberal on other issues. Abortion, I'm liberal. Women will continue to get abortions whether they are legal, or not. So, if we take away the right to choose, and then women illegally abort their babies, what will they be charged with? Murder? Shall we further crowd up our prison system? Just a thought.

I don't agree with Hilary's plans for controlling gun violence. I don't think we need to make it more difficult for people to obtain guns. That is not the solution. If people can't get guns legally, they will get them illegally. I have known both people with legal guns, and people with illegal guns. The people who had illegal guns, already had criminal records. So, what really needs to be controlled is illegal gun trafficking. Of course, the mental health issue needs to be addressed too. There should be special requirements, and limitations on the types of guns that mentally ill persons, or those having a history of mental illness, can obtain. Just don't bother my rights, because other people are screwing up.

Since, I don't know who to vote for,  I took a quiz on I Side to see who I stand. The website told me that I stand with Bernie Sanders. That was more like confirmation, than a surprise.

Nita Michelle

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