Random update

I was blogging about the Pope coming to Philadelphia, and then I just stopped when he came. That is, because I got an email from Wordpress saying that my other blog receives more traffic than normal. I have been neglecting that blog for years, but if it's getting good traffic, then I think it's worth paying attention to. So that explains my hiatus from blogging on this site. I had to get back into the other blog. This blog is random and I just post about anything that comes to my head. The other one has a specific topic. I'll share it later.

Okay, so the Pope came and it was great, the stage set up was beautiful. Our Philadelphia Orchestra was amazing. Our city did an awesome job planning and bringing together the event. It was really, truly incredible. I could blog about the Papal visit for a long time, but every one covered it. There's photos and videos all over the internet. And so much has happened since then. I have a lot of other stuff to post about.

Nita Michelle

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