Murder at ZombiCon

There was a murder Saturday night at the ZombiCon in Florida. Shots rang of out around 11:45 pm causing the crowd to panic and run. 5 people were injured, and one died at the scene. The deceased victim has been identified as, Expavious Tyrell Taylor of Okeechobee, FL. Expavious who had just turned 20 on October 5th was a football player at ASA College in Miami.

ZombieCon drew in a crowd of possibly 20,000 people. Everyone was dressed in costume with painted faces. If people didn't have cell phones and cameras, this would probably be the best way to commit murder and get away with it. No one would know who you are or how to really describe you, because you 'd be in disguise. But, since this is not 1960 there should be numerous witnesses, and people with camera footage from cell phones. There's also probably surveillance video from nearby businesses. With the help of the pubic police should be able to find the killer. It's really a shame that someone lost their life at an event that is designed to be fun. The zombie events are a way of bringing together groups of people who have a common interest. A lot of people look down on these gatherings and don't like the whole "zombie culture." There's nothing dangerous or immoral about wanting to dress like dead people and hang out. It is unfortunate that Taylor lost his life at this event. I wonder what the motive was, and who he attended the event with.

Victim Identified in Zombicon Shooting
Image from @PoliceVoice

Nita Michelle

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