Lamar Odom Doing Better

Lamar Odom is doing much better after being admitted to the hospital in critical condition last week. He regained consciousness and has reportedly been able to say hi to Kloe Kardashian. 

Just wondering...

Why do rich guys pay for sex? $75,000 for two hookers & a place to lay your head just seems ridiculous to me. Before the Lamar Odom situation I would have thought that maybe the price was worth the privacy. However, since the brothel manager has shared Odom's business with the media, I am guessing privacy is not included in the package price. Sometimes guys pay for sex, because there's no strings attached. But I'm sure you can get the no strings package for less than $75,000. Plus, the way chicks are giving it up these days, I don't see why men should pay for sex at all.

I guess it's like the bottled water thing. Years ago, cities all across the country had clean water policies mandated. They now have to make sure that the water flowing from faucets all over America is clean enough to pass both state and federal regulations. Still, some people fear that maybe the water isn't as clean as it is supposed to be.

Mandates are fine, but people still wonder;
What if the city tricks the regulators? 
What if they pay them off? 
What if the government is adding things to the water? 
What if it has too much fluoride? 
What if the system fails?

Home purifiers were created so people could make sure their water was extra safe. People can now have clean water, that they re-clean at home.

Still, some people feel that the purifiers, and the regulators might not be enough to ensure that water is totally clean. So a pimp came along and introduced Bottled Water. Clean water with no "what ifs" attached. You don't have to worry about where this water came from. You can chose between several different brands. Each bottle is new and refreshing. Why use the same old tap water flowing through your sink when you can pay for any brand of refreshing water flowing from the most extravagant streams in the country?

I think some people just like to spend money. Especially when they have it to spend. $75,000 on sex? Really? How about charity? Donations? Sooo, people work their ass off, become rich, and then spend $75,000 on something they can get for $75 worth of drinks at a bar. To each their own I guess. People can spend their earned money on whatever they want. I just don't like prostitution. I don't get gambling. I don't get drugs. You can buy a small house for $75,000, or a car, or a boat. Why spend $75,000 on something that has no value? Why? 

Nita Michelle

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