The Great Controversy - Past, Present, Future

Yesterday I received this book in the mail. Then today at work I found out that everyone else who lives in Philadelphia also received it. Everyone on my block, and everyone I work with (and we all live in different parts of the city).
The book is published by Remnant Publications, and has a price of $11.95 on the back. Philadelphia has a population of 1.5 million and an estimated 590,071 households. From speaking with people it seems that books were sent 1 per household. This means that at least $7,051,348.45 was spent to send books to all Philadelphia households.
In 2013 Philadelphia had one of the highest poverty rates in the nation. With an estimated 430,000 of our 1.5MM residents living in poverty, Philadelphia also had the highest homelessness rate.
7,051,348.45 ÷ 430,000 = 16.40/person
My point is simply that the money would have been better spent if it was used to feed someone who needs it.
I'm not knocking the Seven Day Adventist for their efforts in getting the word of God out to the people. It's just that people are leaving the books on their door steps and not even bothering to take them inside. Most people are saying they're not going to read it. Also, Philadelphia's Catholic population is very large. They probably won't read the book. The Muslim population, (especially in my neighborhood) is large and growing. So, I feel like money was wasted. I know it wasn't mine, but I just hate wasting money when so many people need more of it.

Nita Michelle

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