City gets Ready for Papal Visit, tomorrow!

All week preparations were being made for the Papal visit.

On Tuesday morning, our trash men were showing off for new visitors. They put every trash can back in front of the correct house, right next to the recycle bin. I have never seen that before. Usually they just throw my can down, or place it at whatever curb is closest to them. Even if that's across the street. I'm not a hundred percent sure this is Pope related, but it definitely isn't the norm.

Wednesday, my co-worker and I walked down to the Parkway to check it out. There were like, hundreds of Port-o-Potties on the Parkway. A stage was being built, and we were not allowed to walk to close to the work area. Vendor stations were being set up and there were tons of cases of bottled waters from Wawa sitting on the curb. I wondered what inflated price they would sell for.

Thursday, school students were out from school. Some of the food carts were missing and Center City was so quiet. There was also way less traffic. It was not the same Philly.

Today, (Friday) when I went to the bus stop here in South Philly everything was calm and the streets were clean. I was the only person at the bus stop. The Broad street line, I was told, would be running all night. It's just not stopping at City Hall. So, I caught the Subway at Broad & Snyder. Everything ran smoothly, the Express was waiting at Walnut, the 23 came within 2 minutes of me getting to the stop. I was in awe, and I wished it could go like that every time I have to travel that far via SEPTA. One thing I didn't like was that when I got to Erie Station, and came up the stairs, I was met with the typical stench of urine associated with various train stations throughout the city. Then I looked around and there were no changes on Erie Ave. Trash floated down the street as the wind blew. Bags lay on the ground with cigarette butts near by. I guess Erie Ave was not important enough for the city to clean before the Papal visit. It's too far from the Parkway. Another thing that happened today is that soldiers were posted at multiple check points. It was weird seeing the National Guard standing on the corner of Broad and Snyder when I got off the train.

Anyway, tomorrow is the big day. I'm excited! It's going to be a big day for our city.

Nita Michelle

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