Baby Doe/Bella Bond's Mother Charged in her Death

It was three months ago that we first learned of Baby Doe. A little girl whose remains washed up on a shore line of the Boston Harbor. Authorities found her remains wrapped in a black trash bag with a zebra print blanket on June 25th 2015. At that time, authorities released photos of the baby's blanket and tights. In July the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children released a composite of Baby Doe. Back then authorities believed the girl to be about 4 years old.

Now, Baby Doe has been identified as Bella Bond, who was almost three years old. Police received a tip from someone living with Bella's mother. The informant asked Rachelle Bond where her daughter was, and the mother confessed that her daughter is dead.

Rachelle Bond and Michael McCarthy are charged in the toddler's death. It has been reported that McCarthy punched Bella repeatedly, which may have lead to her death. McCarthy has been charged with murder, and Bond has been charged as an accessory to murder after the fact.

Bella's biological father, Joseph Amoroso, learned of the girl's death prior to mom's arrest when Rachelle confessed to him after he attempted to visit the toddler. Amoroso did not report the death to authorities.

According to Amoroso, Bella was conceived in a tent in the Occupy Boston encampment. Both parents were homeless at the time. When Joseph learned of Rachelle's history of drugs and prostitution he did not stay around and instead moved back to Florida where he married someone else. He was not there for his daughter's birth. On his trip back to Boston, he had planned to meet his daughter for the first time. He went to the home where Rachelle and Bella resided twice, only to be turned away. Rachelle told Joseph the toddler was in Cape Cod. Rachelle later confessed to Amoroso that Bella was dead, and that her boyfriend had killed the toddler. Rachelle's confession came after the two parents had spent about 24 hours together. McCarthy may have killed Bella, because he thought she was possessed by demons.

Court records show that Rachelle Bond has a criminal history of heroin possession and prostitution. In addition, Rachelle's parental rights over two other children were terminated between 2001 and 2006. One child is in the custody of her grandmother, while the other was adopted by non-relatives. Yessiomara Torres, who was Rachelle 's neighbor, thought that DCF had taken custody of Bella when she stopped seeing her around. According to Torres, Rachelle had told her she lost custody of her other children and was worried about losing Bella.

Honestly, if mom knew that the situation at home wasn't good for Bella, she should have given her up. Maybe asked some relative to take her for awhile, or contacted dad to see if he would take her. She was afraid of losing Bella to child services, but perhaps she would have still been alive. Now she's gone. It's such a tragic story. It seems like no one cared enough about this baby to get her out of the home. The Department of Child & Family services failed her. From all photos, Rachelle appears to be a good mom, and Bella appears to be happy, but people don't post the bad stuff online. Why would they?

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