Update on Sandra Bland

According to Waller County prosecutor, Warren Diepraam, Sandra Bland's autopsy revealed no signs of a homicide. Marks on her wrists were consistent with struggling while handcuffed. Wounds around her neck were consistent with a hanging by suicide. Diepraam also reported that Sandra had 30 small cuts on her wrists that may have been self-inflicted. Booking documents indicate that she told jail staff she had Epilepsy and was taking the drug Keppra. (Although other forms say that she was not taking medication). On the medication's website, under warnings, it says, "Keppra and Keppra XR, may cause suicidal thoughts or actions in a very small number of people, about 1 in 500"

On the previous blog I questioned whether or not Sandra had been able to make a phone call, if she saw a judge and if a bail was set. Alexandria Pyle, who occupied the cell next to Bland, has told reporters that Sandra cried a lot during her time in jail. According to Pyle, Bland was upset that a friend she called did not bail her out. Bland thought she was the victim of an injustice. Pyle further stated that Bland had told her she, "was not equipped" for jail. Pyle did not hear any signs of a struggle in the cell next to her.

LaVaughn Mosley, the friend Sandra called from jail, has said that he did not notice the two missed calls and message she left, until it was too late. Bland's voicemail says:

Hey, this is me. I’m, um—I just was able to see the judge. I don’t really know. They got me held at a $5,000 bond. I’m, I’m still just at a loss for words, honestly, about this whole process. How this switching lanes with no signal turned into all of this, I don’t know. Um, but I’m still here, so I guess call me back when you can. Bye.

Mosley has expressed guilt for not listening to the message sooner.

I just had to relive everything that had happened, and to hear her voice after I knew she was gone. Part of it was the guilt because I hadn’t listened to it.

Sandra Bland's family has ordered an independent autopsy. The results have not been revealed yet. Meanwhile, Sandra's mugshot is being circulated on the blogosphere with speculation that Sandra may have already been dead in the photo. That, I am not too quick to believe. I'm not an expert, but she does not look dead in the photo to me. She looks very upset, and she looks like she was crying. Also, a second dash cam video was released by ABC showing a different angle: Video.

Sandra Bland's Buriel
Sandra's funeral was yesterday. Hundreds of people showed up. People who had never met her, or the family, showed up for support and encouragement. Hank Brown, who attended the funeral, told the Chicago Tribune:

I didn't know Sandra, and I don't know what happened, but she didn't have to die.

My thoughts exactly. Texas authorities say, Sandra Bland gave inconsistent answers to jailer's questions and any contradictions in the jail documents, were a result of her inconsistencies. However, I believe that authorities had enough information to at least put Sandra on suicide watch. There should have been nothing in her cell. If this was not murder, then it was negligence.

Sources: Associated Press via Yahoo News: Prosecutor: Woman's autopsy revealed no evidence of homicide

Nita Michelle

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