Sandra Bland Arrest - Full Video

Texas authorities said that the Sandra Bland arrest video originally had glitches. After watching this full video, I'm not buying it! Someone looked at this video and said, "This looks kinda bad. We're gonna have ta get rid of summa dis here footage." They were probably also trying to hide the fact that someone else was recording. Since that might cause the family, or their attorney, to try and track down that person.

What I see on the video below is a man who got pissed off, because a woman did not give him the authority that he thought he deserved. He was mad, because she would not give him eye contact, and she was irritated with being pulled over. Not only was she irritated, but she had no problem telling him that when he asked. He really didn't like her tone, and the fact that she wasn't scared of him. However, getting your feelings hurt is not a reason to arrest (and cause the death of) someone. If she had not been arrested, she would not be dead.


It's not illegal to smoke in your car in Texas. There was no reason for the officer to ask Sandra to get out of the car. I wonder if Trooper Brian Encinia feels good about himself now.

The thing that pisses me off is that there are all kinds of videos on YouTube with white boys and men exercising their rights when getting pulled over. They don't roll the window all the way down. They video the situation. They talk in nasty, or taunting tones. I believe that some of them intentionally get pulled over just to be able to make the video. On those videos, the cops do not demand the individual out of the car, they do not threaten to "light" him up, they do not arrest him for no reason, and they certainly do not end up with his body dead in a jail cell three days later.

I have questions. If you know the answers, feel free to share:

Why did the officer move Sandra from the camera's view?
What was she arrested for?
Why was she held three days?
Did she see a judge?
Was a bail set?
Did Sandra get a phone call?
She said she had Epilepsy, did she receive medical treatment while being held?
Why did she have access to a trash bag long enough, and sturdy enough to hang herself, if she expressed that she had previously thought about committing suicide?
What reason did they have to search her car?

I could be wrong, but I'm not buying that she killed herself. I think there is more to it. Some guys arrogant attitude, caused Sandra Bland to end up dead. Even if she did kill herself, the way the officer reacted to a woman being mad at him, is unjustified. But women are too busy being made over a Trophy wife T-shirt being sold at Target, than to pay attention to how some cop over reacted to a woman catching an attitude with him. Just like when Guzman was knocked out by Lieutenant Josey here in Philly. Feminism was mute in the debates. Women activist seem to think men have no right to put their hands on a woman, unless they're in uniform.

He's a pig. He's chauvinistic and he's a cop. He's probably racist too. I'm sure he threw around the words, "black bitch," at some point. We all get called that at some point. It doesn't matter how light we are. As soon as we have an attitude, or act to strong or mean, we become the "black bitch." (That's a topic for another day).

I'm sick of people acting like we have to tippy-toe around cops and be all, "Yessa massa. I's gone be a real good girl." Fuuuuck that! I pay my taxes. I've never been arrested. I have a clean driving record. I have good credit. I don't even drink unless it's a holiday! I am a good citizen, and I do not believe, that just because some dick in a uniform decided to take on a job that's more risky than mine, he deserves more respect than me. He doesn't, because if he was smart, he would have had to rethink that career move.

I hope that I never get stopped by a cop at night, or on a road with hardly any traffic. I say this, because I'm not pulling over. I'm going to keep driving to the nearest police station, hospital, or lighted venue I can find. If I have to go to jail, so be it. I am not going to end up raped, beat or dead, because some cop wants to have a "good time." There are all kinds of incidents right here in Philly of cops sexually assaulting women, hitting women, beating people for no good reason, and killing people. I'm not trying to be one of those people. The scary thing is, I probably would go to jail and they'd still do whatever they want to me. It's a lose/lose situation. Being pulled over by a cop is one of my biggest fears. It almost makes me want to stop driving. It's a scary world out here. We can't trust the people that are supposed to protect us from criminals, because they are the criminals.

Nita Michelle

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