Ariana Grande did what??!!!

On July 4th, Ariana Grande went into a California store, Wolfee Donuts, and proceeded to lick and spit on donuts and then put them back for other customers. The donuts were sold.


She was also heard on the security camera footage, saying: 'I hate Americans. I hate America.'

After that, Wolfee Donuts' failed its health check. (Their score has since been restored to its previous A Grade).

Ariana is now apologizing on her her tours and calling America "the greatest country in the world." Blogs and websites are reporting that the onwer of Wolfee Donuts, Joe Marin, has decided not to press charges against the singer. 

However, Marin was on a Toronto radio station with Roz & Mocha  saying he believes Grande should be charged.
“I think she should be [charged],” he told the station. “If it was one of us or a regular customer, they would do something about it.

The store owner says Ariana licked two donuts, and then spit on two others. This is so disgusting to me, and more disturbing than her anti-american remarks. What would make her think its funny to put her saliva on someone else's food? How would she feel if someone did that to her food? Someone should do that to her. Really. 

This girl is disgusting.

Nita Michelle

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