Police Arrest man for Leaving dogs out in Single-digit Cold


I saw this article on Fox yesterday. Fox asked the question, "Do you think these charges are enough?" There were so many ridiculous comments about this article. Some of the comments are pictured below.

People should not be going to jail over dogs. It's a waste of tax payor dollars. For something like this the man should have been fined and should have had the dogs taken from him. Instead, tax payor dollars were spent on arresting him, paperwork, booking, court hours to determine a bail, holding time and food if they had to provide that. Why not just fine the man, take the dogs from him, and ban him from any other dog ownership unless he completes classes on how to care for them, (which he has to pay for himself). 

I'm so sick of this country sending everyone to prison and making us pay for their meals, beds & court hearings. Is this the only thing people can come up with to solve problems these days? They spend, spend, spend on overcrowding courts & prisons. Then turn around and blame poor people, mexicans and Obama for the finacial crisis. Amazing.


Some of these people should feel ashamed of themselves for the comments they made. Is a dogs life really of more value than a humans? I can't find the post anymore, but someone aactually said this guy should be hanged, while another said he should be beat. There are 3,000 something comments. 

FYI: Dogs will be able to survive the cold when humans can't. ....because they're fucking animals.

Nita Michelle

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