If we Cannot have Justice, We Cannot have Peace

How many times will we ask this government  for help, and watch the door get slammed in our faces, then turn around on our own people and shame them?

Yes, there is an issue with black on black crime. That is an issue that stems deep within our community  and comes from a multitude of factors. It is not excusable. However, it is not the reason or the cause to bash blacks who are rioting around this country.

What is next? Who is next? Your son? Mine? My husband? Yours? Black lives are being taken by law enforcement  and George Zimmermans and NO ONE is doing anything. How many times are we going to turn to this same system and get no results? We get angry at the virdict, and we move on.

There needs to be an uprising  of the people. Some will do it through words, some will do it peacefully, some will write and some will riot. But it has to be done. In a revolution you need your MLKS and your Blank Panthers.

No matter how wrong it is all races of people riot. When the Phillies won the world series the fans destroyed  Broad Street. Does anyone remember that? Or do we just keep a little book highlighting  all the wrongs black people have done. Just because you don't understand something, doesn't make it wrong.

That community  you all think you have that they're destroying is not yours. You don't have a community in America, because you don't have a value in America. Your children do not have a value in America. America does not care about you or your right to live peacefully. Why do you care about it?


Nita Michelle

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