Stephen A., Domestic Violence, and Are you fucking kidding me?

Stephen A. Smith was suspended for one week from ESPN, because his apology for something he should not have had to apologize for, was not good enough.

To me, this is stupid and irritating. I'm not a Stephen A. fan, but in this matter I don't see what he said wrong. Man or woman, if you're bigger or stronger than me, I'm probably not going to provoke you, or hit you. I'm also not going to go walking down dark alleys at night in a mini skirt, because I don't want to get raped. Am I blaming victims by saying this? No. I am only expressing the fact that I choose to use precautionary measures to prevent myself from being harmed, and I teach my daughters the same thing.

To me, this goes beyond the scope of Domestic Violence. Violence is violence and assault is assault. It doesn't matter if the person throwing the punch is a male or female. I find it very hard to believe that we're all just walking around here saying, and feeling that it's okay to do whatever you want to people and if they do something back, it's completely their fault. That to me is stupid.

I have a son and 3 daughters. My son is second to the youngest. From the time he could swing a fist he's been told, "Don't hit her. You can't hit a girl." He's also been punished for doing so. My children are now 9, 12, 13 and 18. If my son and one of his sisters get into a physical altercation, 100% of the time, it is because the girls have slapped him, pushed him or kicked him. I punish the girls the same as the boy. I don't care who started it, or whose hit was the hardest. What I should have done from the beginning is told all of my children, from the time they could swing a punch, not to put their hands on other people (period). We don't use violence to express our emotions. Especially when dealing with people that we love. If you wouldn't want someone else walking up to your brother, sister, parent or significant other and physically assaulting them, then you don't do it either.

Ray Rice, who knocked out his wife in an elevator, may need anger management. Him and his wife may also need couples therapy. I heard Rice publicly apologizing to his wife and saying she's a complete angel and did nothing wrong. I'm glad that he can admit that he lost his temper and spun way out of control. However, I'm not buying the part when he said that it's not him, or not like him to behave in that manner. If his wife is a complete angel, and did nothing wrong, then this was all him, behaving as he does. I hope that this young couple seeks out some kind of counseling to help them better deal with their issues so that they can have a healthy and strong marriage free of any type of violence.

Still, I think Stephen A. is getting more noise over this than Rice, who actually committed the assault. I teach my daughters not to hit boys and not to push people's buttons. I also teach them not to meet up with a guy they just met in a secluded place like, his house; to definitely never go over a guys house when it's just him and his friends there; and to not walk home late at night by their self. As a woman raising three ladies I would rather teach my daughters to be safe, cautious and not provoke men, or women, because you don't know the mentality of other people.

I don't think Stephen A. should have been suspended. I support what he said. I also agree with Whoopi Goldberg who defended Stephen A. 

Nita Michelle

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