Father Sentenced to Jail for over-paying Child Support

This has got to be one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard of. Judge Lisa Millard of Harris County District Court has sentenced Clifford Hall to 180 days in jail for over paying his child support by $3000 and visiting his son too much.

Hall's support obligations and visitation time was modified without his knowledge sometime between Nov. of 2013 and now. But according to the Houston Judge, that doesn't matter. This black father needs to be punished for not taking care of his son the way the court says he should. How dare he pay too much for that boy and try to spend a bunch of time with him! Not in Houston and not on her watch!
Judge Millard

Hall will be in jail for six months, and most likely lose his job.
Hall's son will be deprived of spending time with his father.
Hall has been ordered to pay his ex wife's attorneys fees.
Tax payer's will have to pay for Hall's incarceration time.
And if the boys mom ends up on public assistance, because she will have no support for the next six months, tax payers get to pay that too.

Judge Millard says that when she sentenced Hall he walked out of court which is, "a big no no." ("A big no-no?" She sounds like she's talking to a toddler).  She also says his attorney should have filed a motion for reconsideration. If I was Hall I might have told her to shove her mallet up her ass. His attorney shouldn't have to file any motions, because she shouldn't have sentenced him to 6 months in jail. She could have found him in contempt and issued monetary sanctions. It's civil contempt.


Nita Michelle

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