George Zimmerman Acquitted - My Random Thoughts

This is my son

In six and a half years, he will be a 17 year old black “man” in America. The way that America views him will not be determined by the fact that he goes to church on Sunday, or that he loves football, that he has a great sense of humor, or that he gets good grades in school. It won’t matter if he comes from a good family. It won’t matter where he lives, or where he’s been. It won’t matter how much we love him, or how much we value his life. America has said that he is of no value to this country.

The acquittal of George Zimmerman only serves to further reveal racial inequality in our country. We, as African Americans, not only face harsher penalties for things that we do, but we also cannot count on the American justice system to protect the people in our community who are doing the right thing. We can’t count on the justice system to protect our children. America has said that a dog’s life is worth more than a black man’s life. Fighting dogs can get a black man two years, but killing a black boy doesn’t matter. And now that they’ve told us this, they will tell us to move on. How do we move on knowing this could happen to our sons, our nephews, our cousins, our brothers and our fathers?

George Zimmerman killed Trayvon and when he was acquitted, he smiled and never uttered a word of remorse for taking the life of someone’s child. His brother’s empty remorseless face was on television all day today. It is clear, that George and his family are happy with his actions, they don’t care about the pain that Trayvon’s parents are feeling, and they don’t care that this 17 year old kid lost his life. (My daughter is 17).

Last night a murderer was set free. Today people are all over the internet saying this is not about skin color. To them I say, “Wake up people!” It has everything to do with skin color, but it is about Trayvon's skin color. Not Zimmerman's. If their races were reversed this would never have made international news. If Zimmerman was a black man who killed a white boy (or a black boy), this would have been over a long time ago. We probably would never have even heard about the trial.

Nita Michelle

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