Week Full of Drama

Three days ago: I walked into 7Eleven and passed by two drunk, gay girls on the way to the coffee. One was dressed like a guy, the other was dressed like a woman. Long story short, they started a confrontation with me. It got a little hostile, I got upset and told the cashier to call the police. During the argument I told the girl (the one dressed like a female) that she needed to, "take that ghetto shit somewhere else." This must have really pissed her off, because she yelled, "F*** that! We black! We don't call cops!" Then she threw something at me. I started to throw something back, but put it down and told her that I have more class than her. She started screaming, "I'm gonna beat your ass!" and some other things. Then she ran around to the coffee counter and tried to throw a hot pot of coffee on me. Of course I got out of dodge, so it spilled all over the floor. She slipped back into the chips. Her girlfriend pulled out a knife. Now Mr. Cashier finally decides to call the cops. (ONLY IN SOUTH PHILLY!) I swear I couldn't make this up if I wanted to. Best part, I was late for a job interview because of this and I got to listen to the interviewer tell me repeatedly that, "Punctuality is so important." I couldn't even tell them the real reason I was late, because it was so ridiculous.

The following night: My half-brother's other half-sister, (who is no relation to me), called me and left me a message speaking disrespectfully to me. I was so irritated with the events of the day before that I didn't want to deal with it. I told my husband to call my brother and just tell him not to give my number out and I'll call him when I feel like it. He calls and the girl snatches the phone from my brother. She's yelling and screaming, and in an angry fit says she's going to send someone over to shoot my house up. Great. So, I had to talk to their mother so she can put her children in check. My daughter is almost 17 and I can't see her ever talking to an adult in the way that this 15 year old was talking to me. I really don't know what makes these kids think that I have time in my life for this crap. They really need to go read a book, before they have me at their door serving them papers.

Today, I'm in the store working. We have two people on the clock to run the entire store on a Friday during tax season. I'm on register with a long line and the supervisor on duty who was doing stock hadn't made her way to the front yet. Suddenly we hear the D.M.(who just walked through the door), yelling about no one covering the front of the store. She yelled so loud that everyone in the store turned to her. I think my mouth dropped open, but maybe not. I definitely paused. I was quite surprised to see her cause a scene like that in front of customers. However, I just continued what I was doing. The supervisor tried to explain things to the D.M., but it didn't work. The D.M. threatened our jobs, while she continued to chastise the supervisor in front of customers. One customer didn't like that, so she reported it to corporate. The D.M. finished throwing her attitude around for the duration of my shift, (and probably after that). The real reason she was mad: No one called to tell her that the store owner made a visit to the store earlier that morning to check on things. How the f*** were we supposed to know that she didn't know they were coming?

In light of all these events I would like to say the following to the following individuals:

Gay Girl Couple: I'm black too, and um, I call cops. P.S. you bitches have no class, but I guess you don't need it since you have gay rights instead.

Half-brother's other half-sister: I hope you dedicate as much of your time to your school work as you do to being disrespectful. And F.Y.I., I file papers when people threaten me.

District Manager: When I do find another job I promise not to put in my two week notice. I also promise to quit by not showing up to work on a day when I'm scheduled to open the store.

This has been a crappy week. One day left. Wish me luck.

Nita Michelle

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