Unbelievably Strange Republican Breakdowns Over Obama Win

Was reading this article the other day on Yahoo. It is titled The 6 Most Bizarre Freakouts Over Obama's Re-Election People are so crazy. Below is a quote from attorney Larry Klayman who was mentioned in the article.
".... thanks to our 'Mullah in Chief' and his growing voter hoards of
radical gays and lesbians,
illegal immigrants,
anti-Anglo whites
and others
who last Tuesday cemented his destructive hold on the White House and our country."
Today, Larry Klayman is as irrelevant to our country as he was yesterday. All he's really known for is suing the Clinton Administration.  

Anyway, the article also mentions that Mississippi students rioted and burned Obama campaign signs, and two veteran's hung our flag upside down.

I've also recently read that a woman ran her husband down with a car for not voting, and a gay republican killed himself.

How people choose to display their conservative, right-wing, holier than thou views absolutely amazes me. I wish I could hand walk these people to a couple of good bridges that I know. Earth's population is becoming too big to sustain us all anyway. If you can't cope with change and the fact that our country has changed, do us all a favor and jump. The gay guy gets the idea.

Police: Woman Runs Over Husband for Not Voting -Stupid.

Gay Republican kills himself over Obama victory -Sad.

‘Revolution!’: Donald Trump and Fox News suffer epic election-night meltdowns after Obama’s victory -Pathetic.

10 Crazy GOP Meltdowns After Obama’s Re-Election

Nita Michelle

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