Officer Josey Charged with Simple Assault

Officer Jonathan Josey, who violently punched Aida Guzman in her head causing her to fall to the ground, has been arrested for simple assault. Aida Guzman's attorney was pushing for a charge of Aggravated assault, but did not get it. Which is strange, because according to Pennsylvania's statute, it does seems that he should be charged with aggravated assault.

 I believe that Police Officers, should be held to a hire standard. In our city, crimes committed by Police Officers are handled as if they are a joke. Cops are somehow above the law. It's disgraceful. We have a bunch of criminals running around in blue shirts with badges. (In Josey's case, a white shirt).

I'm not saying all cops are criminals, or evil. I just believe that if the city really held them accountable for breaking the law, so many of them wouldn't do it. There are already talks about Josey getting his job back, and most-likely beating the charges.

So much for justice.

  Police officer shown on video punching woman at Philadelphia parade charged with assault

Nita Michelle

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