Nadya Suleman, Making More Bad Decisions

The octuplet's mother is such a disappointment. Her current decision to become an adult film star has me baffled.

I think the adult film industry should be for single women who don't have children. I wonder about what psychological and emotional damage it does to a child when their mother is in that business. Now, not only are Nadya's kids being raised without a father, (or any steady father figure) but on top of that, their mom is an adult film star. Great. So when these children go to school they will be called bastards and their mom will be called a whore. I know that sounds harsh, but it's the truth.

If Nadya was worried about how society and the general public felt about her being on welfare, just wait until she sees how her children are going to feel when they're being teased in school because their mom is an adult film star with 14 kids. (Have a little dignity for crying out loud).

People act like welfare is the worst thing in the world when in reality it's a system that has been reformed so that it works as a stepping stone in helping poor people gain access to food, education, housing and employment. So I don't understand why she doesn't get in line like every other broke single mom, with no baby's dad in their lives and get the assistance she needs. I'm telling you, I am completely baffled at how someone could think welfare is worse than being in adult films.

It's crazy how today's society likes to have females thinking that somehow the feminist movement meant that we should all be degrading ourselves and spreading our legs out to any Tom, Dick, Harry, promoter, strip club, musician and porn industry leader who offers us money. "If a man can do it why can't we?" However, I don't know any fathers who are out there dancing the pole or laying on their backs for money. It seems that women are more objectified than ever before, and women like Nadya, who give in and decide that all they're worth is their vagina, just make us look bad.

Nita Michelle

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