Throwback Thursdays: Harry and the Hendersons

80s movies were the best! They were full of adventure, imagination and creativity. Harry and the Hendersons was one of my favorites. Imagine someone saying, "Hey, I have this great movie idea. There's this very normal, typical family and they take a Bigfoot home that they thought was dead, but it really wasn't." I think today people would say, "that's stupid." However, I remember this movie as being totally awesome. It was so perfect. It had the annoyed teen-aged daughter, the son who adored him, and the entire family going through great lengths to keep him a secret while adjusting to the thing being in their house. Now, tell me that doesn't make for a great movie! I've found this movie online (free), and I plan to watch it with the children this weekend. They are going to love it! (I hope).

Here's where you can watch it online free: Harry and the Hendersons To watch the movie scroll down the page and click on one of the links. The best versions have a yellow star beside the link, the best hosting sites are Putlocker and Sockshare. I recommend trying those links first.

Short clip from the movie:

Nita Michelle

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