Food Fit Philly's Insulting Taunts

In order to persuade children from drinking sugary drinks, Food Fit Philly has a radio commercial which portrays Diabetes as an extremely repulsive disorder. There is a child's voice on the commercial telling someone else how sugary drinks can cause obesity and Diabetes. The child's tone when he says the word Diabetes, would make anyone feel as if being a diabetic is completely gross.

As a parent of a Type One Diabetic I'm very offended by the commercial. I find it offensive. It is the exact kind of taunting that children like my daughter have to go through in school. I won't even let her listen to the commercial. I remember a couple of years back, one of my daughter's classmates had three other girls not talking to her. This girl had told the other little girls that my daughter had Diabetes and they would catch it from her. This of course led to a period of her being picked on and bullied. I had to go up to the school and have meetings with teachers and parents to get the situation resolved. Now, can you imagine how my daughter would feel if she heard the tone of this boys voice in the commercial. I imagine she would think, "Wow, the whole world thinks I'm gross."

Another thing that bothers me, is this statement on this website:
Diabetes—particularly type 2 diabetes—is becoming more and more common among people who are overweight and obese. Diabetes puts people at risk for heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure, and amputations. Unfortunately, even children are now developing diabetes.
Okay, first of all, they can go ahead and take out the word "particularly," and just say Type 2 Diabetes. Type 1 Diabetes is an Autoimmune Disease and it is not caused by obesity or sugary drinks. The other problem I have is this line, "Unfortunately, even children are now developing diabetes." (*News flash*) While it is unfortunate, children with Diabetes is not something new. Every year, parents try to raise awareness and collect donations to help our children find a cure.

While food fit Philly plays their little commercial on the radio about Diabetes and tries to convince people that it's disgusting, we sit back and watch our children battle this disease everyday.

My daughter is not overweight. My daughter is skinny. She was never fat. She is Diabetic, and she is not disgusting. I do understand the message they are sending and the reason for it. I just feel they could have shown some tact.

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

Food Fit Philly

Nita Michelle

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