Mummer Mayhem - The 2012 After Parade Brawl

I do not appreciate the lame excuse provided by the Co-captain of the Mummer's South Philly Vikings. In a statement to FOX news Buono says, "They were taking swings at my organization. And, you know, I don't know if you or anybody would stand there and get swung at and bottles thrown at and stuff like that. So basically we were just protecting ourselves." What they should have done was give a public apology for their ridiculously uncalled for behavior (and leave it at that). I would expect the explanation of, "they went after my squad first," to come from  high school kids, not grown men.
Thanks for being a total embarrassment to our city!

Here's a video. FOX News report.
(I'm not even going to mention the prostitution thing in this post, smh. you can Google it).

Nita Michelle

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