Boy Wants to Join Girl Scouts and Is Told, "No"

I saw the below video on Yahoo today.

SO here's my opinion on this. I don't agree with this whole transgender thing. I don't think boys should be in the Girl Scouts, or girls should be in the Boy Scouts. I was in the Girl Scouts when I was little and we had more than one overnight event. I don't think a boy should be allowed to spend the night at events with a whole bunch of girls or vise versa.

Furthermore, I don't believe that God creates little girls trapped in boy's bodies or boys trapped in girl's bodies. I believe that the parents are responsible for influencing their children to deny their own sex and explore the behavior of the opposite sex.

Also, just because your child wants to do something, doesn't mean they should be allowed to do it. Children cannot have everything they want. It's just not smart to raise a child that way. It's unrealistic. Life does not allow US to have whatever we want, so why in the world would anyone want to raise their child believing that they can do or have whatever they want. There are a whole bunch of people out here right now that worked hard, did everything right, and still got laid off. And you know what? They can't run to the news crying to get what they want.

Nita Michelle

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